Scottish Elm, Ash and bog Oak Wood Photo Print Box


Deliver your client or your personal cherished photos in style with a handmade photo box with USB compartment.

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Deliver your client or your personal cherished photos in style with a handmade photo box with USB compartment. Each box comes with two compartments perfect for storing prints on one side and a USB compartment in the other or to store a small memento.

Perfect for Weddings, Birthdays, Maternity, New Baby, Engagements, Holidays, Honeymoon, Anniversaries, and for storing Fine Art prints and special Gifts.

The box is handmade using beautiful Scottish timbers – Elm, Ash and bog Oak which is an incredible 5500 years old approx.

Lined with Harris Tweed with a leather strap to help lift your prints out.

The sliding lid is held closed by some tiny rare earth magnets.

Size 290 x 180 x 80mm

– Box can hold 150 prints with a max size of 20cms x 14cms (7.5 inches x 5.5 inches)
– Each box comes with filler for USB compartment
– Optional custom engraving on wooden nameplate
(I will contact you after purchase for engraving details)
– 8GB USB drive optional

Please allow longer processing time if choosing USB or Custom Engraving options.


Elm ulmus glabra

Elm occurs throughout Scotland, but was originally more common in the south east Borders area, where there were formerly forests of wych elm.

Mature trees can grow to a height of 30m. The bark is smooth and grey when young, becoming grey-brown and fissured after 20 years. Twigs are dark grey and covered in coarse hairs, and leaf buds are hairy, purple-black and squat in shape.

As a results of Dutch elm disease, scottish elm is now found very infrequently.

Ash – Fraxinus excelsior

When fully grown, ash trees can grow to a height of 35m. Tall and graceful, they often grow together, forming a domed canopy. The bark is pale brown to grey, which fissures as the tree ages. Easily identified in winter by smooth twigs that have distinctively black, velvety leaf buds arranged opposite each other.

The ash tree was thought to have medicinal and mystical properties and the wood was burned to ward off evil spirits. In Norse Viking mythology, ash was referred to as the ‘Tree of Life’. Even today it is sometimes known as the ‘Venus of the woods’. In Britain we regarded ash as a healing tree and they can live to a grand old age of 400 years.

Bog Oak

Bog Oak, much like Brown Oak, is not a specific species, but is rather a term that designates oak that has been buried in a peat bog for hundreds or sometimes thousands of years. The extremely low oxygen conditions of the bog protect the wood from normal decay, while the underlying peat provides acidic conditions where iron salts and other minerals react with the tannins in the wood, gradually giving it a distinct dark brown to almost black colour.

Final note…….

Caring for your Box…

Each box is lovingly handmade and finished with 6 coats of 100% pure Tung oil and then clear beeswax polish. I recommend only ‘dry dusting’ the box when required. Please do not to use any spray type or abrasive cleaners on the wood or interior linings. Please ask for advice if you are unsure.

Wood is a beautiful and natural product and as such will take time to settle in its new home. Please do not place the box near any sources of direct heat or moisture. Given the nature of today’s centrally heated houses, some movement in the timber may/will occur. This is perfectly normal and an indication that you own a 100% natural product.

I aim for photographs, descriptions, sizes and colours to be as accurate as possible, However due to the nature of computer screens and browsers, colours may vary. Images may not be actual size. Please refer to individual product dimensions provided for the actual size of each box.

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