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Handcrafted Keepsake Boxes – Hold Memories in Your Heart And Your Hands

Time was when the very first toys we played with as children were made of wood. There’s something satisfyingly tactile about natural objects, and items made of wood are a prime example.

Especially when they’re as gorgeous as the handcrafted keepsake boxes made by Neil Martin.

We’re always delighted to hear readers’ reactions to Neil’s boxes. And we’d love to hear yours! You can send your experience to us here. Read one friend’s story …

Magnify emotion, with a handcrafted keepsake box

The other day, I met with a dear friend over coffee. We talked about how we struggled to find special gifts for the people we loved the most.

We remembered the most successful presents we’d given in the past. You know, the kind that produce whoops of pleasure? But, this time, my friend was adamant none of those would do.

So, we ordered another coffee and batted around more ideas.


Large handcrafted keepsake boxes by Neil Martin

Unique. Enduring. Treasured.

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“Help! I need a special present”

We decided her gift had to be both unique and long-lasting. She had a fancy for a present rooted in nature — but also something that would be treasured. Now, and in the future.

But treasured for how long? For her lifetime? Or her children’s lifetime? Or for as long as their children’s lifetime? She was in no doubt. She needed a gift that would be treasured by all three generations — perhaps even beyond.

A keepsake christening box, filled with precious memories

You see, she was searching for a special gift for her daughter, to celebrate the birth of her first-born son. That’s why my friend set her heart on a one-of-a-kind keepsake box.

So, you can imagine her delight when I told her about the fine wooden keepsake boxes made by Neil Martin. She was so excited to find how easily she could commission her own bespoke box, especially for her daughter. All for such a reasonable price.

No description can do justice to the superb craftsmanship of the boxes that Neil builds. So there’s no doubt, my friend’s box will be a supremely fitting casket for her treasured keepsakes.

And do you know what’s even more magical?

Handcrafted keepsake boxes by Neil Martin

Memories. Kept in your heart. Held in their hands.

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A baby keepsake box – a touching reminder of family bonds

In years to come, the box and the keepsakes it contains will bring my friend closer to her grandson. What’s more, they’ll create a bond with her grandson’s daughters and sons — and with the daughters and sons of the generations who follow.

Even the ones she may never meet.

Thanks to their exquisite container, the mementos will be passed down through generations. They’ll serve as a channel for my friend’s and her daughter’s deepest emotions. Emotions that alas, one day, they’ll no longer be able to express in person.

That’s why she wanted a box made from long-lasting, natural materials. With the potential to last even longer than the lifespan of the Ash tree which gave up its timber for her keepsake box …

Win their affection – buy a wooden keepsake box today

It’s never too late to strengthen your connection with loved ones. Do it in style with a bespoke box – with your own unique design and choice of timber. Commissioning a box from Neil is simple; get in touch today and talk to Neil about your ideal design. There’s no obligation.

Alternatively, explore Neil’s ready-made boxes from the gallery and choose one that’s perfect for you.

We stand by our commitment to you, and we’re confident you’ll love your box. But, just in case, all Neil’s boxes, including memory boxes, jewellery boxes, wedding boxes and ring boxes come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee – or your money back.

So, you can order your wooden keepsake box with confidence, knowing that you’re giving a gift that’s guaranteed to be treasured today – and for generations to come.

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“Neil took my needs on board … to create a bespoke piece that will be with me for life” Heather Woof

(Personalised boxes unfortunately can’t be refunded. However, rest assured that when designing your box, we go out of our way to make sure you’re more than delighted with it!)