Dementia boxes

Dementia Boxes – Rekindle The Memories You Thought They’d Lost

You know what they say – memories last a lifetime? But when a loved one suffers from dementia, losing memories can be so easy

As we get older, our memory can be fickle. But those of us who lose our memory shouldn’t have to lose our personality as well. After all, we still like to laugh, to gossip, to reminisce about happy times (and maybe sad times, too).

Creating a memory or dementia box for someone special in your life, filled with their own personal mementos, can help precious memories be found again. How? By the simple mechanism of sparking conversation about times gone by.

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Ash memory box - dementia box

Affection rekindled. Tenderness to share.

Memory boxes stimulate a lifetime of memories for Dementia and Alzheimer sufferers

Tangible objects that have a special meaning for your loved one act as a powerful stimulant for long-buried memories. Often, you’ll find that reliving their personal stories leads to a waterfall of thoughts and conversation. This can strengthen family bonds and even create new friendships with caregivers.

And by using sustainably sourced materials and quality craftsmanship to build their dementia box, we like to do our bit to make sure their rekindled memories stay safe forever.

Simply put, we build our wooden dementia boxes with love, to last forever.

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Memory box - dementia box