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Feeling uninspired by run-of-the-mill wooden jewellery boxes? Don’t worry, try this instead.

Do you know what’s disappointing about most jewellery boxes? They only come in two varieties: throwaway tacky and throwback ’70s. Where’s the class in that?

Want to know what is classy? Neil Martin’s fresh new direction for contemporary wooden jewellery boxes, crafted from sustainably sourced timber. Neil builds boxes that chime perfectly with the 21st century. What’s more, you can bet they’ll stay on trend for a lifetime. All at a price you can afford.

“Neil created a piece that will be with me for life. His craftsmanship and passion shine.” Heather Woof

Large Beech and wild Cherry jewellery box with pivot hinged lid by Neil Martin

Box of Beech & wild Cherry: ancient symbols of feminine mystique

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Harnessing a tree’s history & integrity, for remarkable box design

Neil takes the sustainability and trace ability of his materials seriously. Working mainly with indigenous Scottish species from locally managed forests, he fashions seemingly unpromising pieces of timber into boxes with WOW factor.

His secret lies in having:

  • respect for his materials
  • an unshakeable commitment to working with the timber, and
  • a belief in letting the wood speak for itself

Neil is fascinated by every aspect of the trees he works with. You or I might think of burrs (gnarly outgrowths on a trunk) and spalting (black lines caused by fungus) as faults. But Neil sees things differently. Though harder to work, once cut and sanded, such ‘imperfections’ add depth and character to your box.

Neil is also well versed in the ancient folklore surrounding British species, which gives his projects even greater impact.

“… jewellery box is elegant and practical. I would definitely recommend Neil Martin as a designer” Nina Munday

Contemporary jewellery - jewellery box Traditonal jewellery - jewellery box

Quality craftsmanship, outstanding design, low prices

That’s how Neil creates boxes of such striking originality. Your jewellery box will be admired for its superb craftsmanship and appreciated for its practicality too – at a price you simply can’t afford to miss.

Here’s why. Because:

  • the exquisiteness of the box provides the perfect foil for your jewellery
  • the beautifully-lined interior trays offer lots of space and a secure resting place for all your necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings
  • the finely chiselled compartments are custom-made; if designed to be removable, they’ll slip out with a whisper of wood against wood

“I am completely blown away by the quality of this box. It is absolutely stunning.” Lisa Basque

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Interior compartments of spalted Beech jewellery box

Black leather lining & interior tray of spalted Scottish Beech – the ‘Queen of Trees’

Small and large jewellery boxes, plus ring boxes

Neil designs jewellery boxes in a range of sizes and styles to suit you. And, just like fine jewellery, your box will never look tacky – or old-hat. Trust us, as a finely crafted collector’s piece, it will never be left to gather dust in a drawer.

He also makes fabulously bijou ring boxes in wood – perfect for presenting a ring as well as for storing engagement rings, wedding rings, eternity and dress rings.

Beauty and usefulness guaranteed – or your money back

Browse the ready-made boxes from the gallery, or have a chat with Neil about designing a bespoke box.

It’s simplicity itself and doesn’t cost the earth to commission a box, for yourself or for someone close to you.

Neil is committed to creating a jewellery box that you’ll absolutely love. In a style that will definitely never look dated. What’s more, Neil wants the satisfaction he derives in creating your box to be multiplied many times over. By the lasting pleasure you derive from its good looks – and its usefulness – every day.

You simply can’t put a value on that.

(Personalised boxes unfortunately can’t be refunded. However, rest assured that during the design process we go out of our way to make sure you’re more than delighted with your box!)

Handmade wooden jewelry box

Small wooden jewellery box