Olive ash and oak box


Stunning handmade wooden box made of beautifully figured Olive Ash with an Oak pivot hinge lid.

This particular box is now sold. However please contact me for similar items that may not yet have been listed. Or you may wish to commission your own unique box.

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Stunning handmade wooden box made of beautifully figured Olive Ash with an Oak pivot hinge lid.

The box has 2 compartments, divided with 5,500 year old Bog Oak. It is lined with Tartan and held open with a black velvet stay.

Size approx. 300 x 200 x 90mm

Each box is lovingly handmade and finished with 5 coats of 100% pure Tung oil and then clear beeswax polish. I recommend only ‘dry dusting’ the box when required. Please do not to use any spray type or abrasive cleaners on the wood or interior linings. Please ask for advice if you are unsure.

Specific care instructions are sent out with each box.

Wood is a beautiful and natural product and as such will take time to settle in its new home. Please do not place the box near any sources of direct heat or moisture. Given the nature of today’s centrally heated houses, some movement in the timber may/will occur. This is perfectly normal and an indication that you own a 100% natural product.

Olive Ash Fraxinus excelsior

One variant of ash is Olive Ash (and its burl veneer), which does not refer to any specific species of ash, but instead is in reference to the darker, streaked heartwood found in some Ash trees, which tends to resemble the heartwood of olive trees.

Bog Oak

Bog Oak, much like Brown Oak, is not a specific species, but is rather a term that designates oak that has been buried in a peat bog for hundreds or sometimes thousands of years. The extremely low oxygen conditions of the bog protect the wood from normal decay, while the underlying peat provides acidic conditions where iron salts and other minerals react with the tannins in the wood, gradually giving it a distinct dark brown to almost black colour.


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