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Ebony ring box


Ebony ring box with twist lid – further details below.

A beautiful, unique, handmade presentation box to cherish and hold your special ring.

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Ebony ring box with twist lid, clicks closed with a rare earth magnet. Black velvet lined cushion interior.

Size 42 x 48 x 46mm (please note maximum ring height of 22mm, see diagram in gallery)

Ebony diospyros ebenum

So named because historically most of the wood was exported from the nation of Gabon, though today it’s much more likely to be sourced from Cameroon.

Heartwood is usually jet-black, with little to no variation or visible grain. Occasionally dark brown or grayish-brown streaks may be present.

Grain is usually straight but can also be interlocked. Fine even texture with very high natural luster.





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