Handmade Wooden Boxes – Unforgettable and Affordable

Imagine a hand-crafted wooden box, designed for someone you love…

Beautiful, singular and MADE TO LAST

Because a handmade wooden box from Master Craftsman and Box Maker Neil Martin could be just the answer. Guaranteed to put you firmly in your loved one’s good books, Neil’s boxes are rare and unique presents that will be treasured for years.

Express your deep emotion, wrapped up in a handmade box

Everyone should have the opportunity to give such a unique and magical gift. For births, betrothals, and marriages. For family birthdays and anniversaries. In fact, any occasion you’d like to hold in your heart.

Well, now you can.

Bespoke wooden box & baby keepsakes

Memory made real. Emotion you can touch.

“Absolutely beautiful box. Lovely service from Neil, and quick postage. Thank you!” Helen Jaffa


With a one-of-a-kind wooden box, made by hand, to fill with precious heirlooms, jewellery or keepsakes, and all your treasured memories.

Bespoke designs, reasonable prices, fast delivery

It’s difficult to put into words the satisfaction of owning one of Neil’s boxes. Turning its weight in your hands. Anticipating the pleasure as you lift the lid. While each time admiring the:

  • superb craftsmanship
  • finely wrought detail
  • distinctive markings and grain patterns
  • dovetail joints
  • handmade wooden hinges
  • high-quality finish
Large handmade wooden box by Neil Martin

Neil Martin craftsmanship – bringing the spirit of the wood alive

“…exceeded all my expectations … attention to detail and workmanship was outstanding.” Heather Woof


Neil is fascinated by wood and what it can become. He has a talent for translating your wishes, thoughts and feelings into a functional yet beautiful design. One that the recipient of your box will fall in love with. Talk to Neil and you’ll see.

But what about the cost? Neil is open and straightforward about discussing costs, and flexible about choosing types of wood and a design to suit your budget. He makes sure you’re comfortable with all the details before work starts.

Handmade wooden box with lid

Your stories. Told by heart. Crafted by hand.

“Wonderful! Wood is very beautifully worked … Excellent quality work. Thank you.” Darden Adams